OPINION: High-speed internet a top priority

Progressive Conservatives on Prince Edward Island have a lot to be excited about. The five candidates vying for the leadership of the PC Party all offer a very different vision for the party and for the type of government they will lead. This is all good and healthy for the democratic process. Over the last two months as I have travelled all across the province, I have listened to Isl [...]

21 January 2019

VIBERT: Public perception of health care sags

An increasing number of Nova Scotians are discontented with health care in their province, which likely surprises no one. But it’s still sobering news for the provincial government. In fact, the number of Nova Scotians who rank the overall quality of health care as poor has more than doubled since 2015, the year the government merged nine district authorities into one big Nova Scotia [...]

21 January 2019

UPDATE: P.E.I. signs $15 million housing agreement with Ottawa

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - A long-time advocate for affordable housing was pleasantly surprised by details announced Wednesday surrounding a 10-year, multi-million-dollar housing agreement between P.E.I. and Ottawa. The bilateral agreement, reached under the National Housing Strategy, will invest a minimum of $15 million to support housing repair, construction and affordability in Pri [...]

21 January 2019

P.E.I. judo athletes win medals at Elite national championships

Hetherington, Madumba, Thomas have strong performances SUMMERSIDE – P.E.I.’s three athletes at Judo Canada’s Elite national championships all returned home with medals. George Madumba of the Summerside Toshidokan Judo Club won silver for the second year in a row. Madumba posted a 3-1 (won-lost) record while competing in the under-18 -90-kilogram class. RJ Hetherington [...]

21 January 2019

P.E.I. government urged to index tax brackets

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says bracket creep, which pushes individuals into higher tax brackets simply due to inflation, continues to cost taxpayers across all income groups in P.E.I. The CTF’s annual New Year’s Tax Changes report highlights bracket creep in Prince Edward Island and the increase to Canadian Pension Plan rates. “Through bracket creep, the P.E.I. government [...]

21 January 2019

Vietnamese family finds great possibility in P.E.I.

Tuyet Tran envisioned - then realized - great possibility in Prince Edward Island. She came here in 2014 from Vietnam through the Provincial Nominee Program with her husband, Kien Chu, the couple’s three children and a good deal of confidence. Tran and Chu thought their children – daughters Ngan, 22, and Binh, 18, and son Thanh, 11, - would be able to get a good education in Canada [...]

21 January 2019

P.E.I. restaurant inspections for December

Two premises that serve liquor fined over intoxicated patrons CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - In what is an extreme rarity, provincial health inspectors went more than a month without issuing any violations to food establishments. Kelly Hughes, senior environmental health officer with the province, told The Guardian Jan. 11 that, according to their records, there were no warnings issued [...]

21 January 2019

City of Charlottetown looking for more regional co-operation

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown will meet with his counterparts from Stratford and Cornwall today in an effort to create more regional co-operation. The meeting will be held at noon at City Hall. “We are looking at some commonalities amongst the three (communities),’’ said Brown. “(We’ll be looking at) issues that Stratford has and Cornwall has and [...]

21 January 2019

Aliens: Arizona Resident Claims To Have Been Visited By 'Cat-like' Entity

Date: 08 December, 2018. Place: Snowflake, Arizona State, United States.  On 08 December, a very unusual incident was witnessed in the small town of Snowflake, Arizona, United States.  According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local woman affirmed to have had several close encounters with a cat-like, humanoid entity. The lady also clai [...]

13 January 2019

Aliens: Dark Entity Appears In Bedroom In Vancouver, British Columbia

Date: 08 December, 2018. Place: North Vancouver, Province of British Columbia, Canada.  Last month, more specifically on 08 December, a very strange inciden was reported in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.  According to an anonymous testimony published on Mutual UFO network (MUFON) online database, a local resident affirmed to have seen "a dark shadow" walking in his house and [...]

12 January 2019

Charlottetown Book Self-Publishing: Mistakes Indie Authors Make

AgoraPublishing.com Helps PEI Writers to Become Successful We live in an age where everything, even the most arduous of tasks, is romanticized; self-publishing is but one of those jobs. The idea that writing a book is all you need to sell it in volumes is as misleading as it is illusory. Below are some mistakes indie authors make as presented by Agora Publishing PEI editors. And it sh [...]

08 January 2019

Food insecurity for Islanders on social assistance going down, report suggests

P.E.I. has lowest percentage of households on social assistance who are struggling to get a healthy diet P.E.I. is "heading in the right direction" when it comes to reducing food insecurity for people on social assistance, research suggests. Data from 2015-16 on rates of food insecurity in Canada show P.E.I. has the lowest percentage of households on social assistance in the countr [...]

05 January 2019

Charlottetown hotel offers free rooms until Jan. 6

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - The Delta Prince Edward is offering free accommodations to family members caring for hospitalized relatives. The program, called A Home for the Holidays, goes until Jan. 6. It’s an initiative of the Eastern Canada Business Council. The Delta Prince Edward is partnering with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on this initiative. The hospital’s program admin [...]

05 January 2019

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