A Healthy, Organic Diet Lowers Your Risk of Cancer By 65%

(Natural News) A lot of people believe that having a healthy organic diet helps lower the risk of certain diseases. A recent study helped prove that claim, establishing that a healthy diet can lower the risk of cancer by as much as 65 percent. For lead author Dr. Ashish Deshmukh of the University of Florida, the findings of the study reveal it is important that a person’ [...]

08 September 2018

Wendy‘s Starting Up New Restaurant in Charlottetown

Wendy’s restaurant isexpanding its collection of Wendy’s restaurants on Prince Edward Island. The company, which also has 11 Wendy’s franchises in Eastern Ontario and 13 in Quebec, has just announced that it would be opening its fifth location in the Island, reports The Guardian. In an e-mail, Danny Murphy, president and chief operating officer, said that the hope is to open the new [...]

18 August 2018

Fire Damages Popular Historic PEI Post Office

An unexpected fire has done damage to a popular historic post office in PEI. The post office which is a well-known Prince Edward Island landmark pays homage to the home of "Anne of Green Gables" author Lucy Maud Montgomery. According to Chief Jason Peters the New Glasgow Fire Chief, although it damaged the roof, firefighters were quickly able to contain the Monday afternoon fire at the Gre [...]

06 August 2018

Province’s community colleges have big economic impact

Charlottetown, PEI - Holland College and Collège de l’Îlecontributeclose to $235 million annually to the province’s economy according to a recently released report commissioned by Atlantic Colleges Atlantique. In 2016/17, Holland College’s total impact on Prince Edward Island’s economy was $228.4 million, 4.5 per cent of the province’s Gross Provincial Product (GDP), according to [...]

23 June 2018

PEI: Islanders and Tourists Alike Endure $45 Confederation Bridge Toll

Having travelled many places by car both in Canada and the U.S. it sometimes is a necessity to pay toll bridge and toll road fees.  Like many motorists, I recognize the need to have such toll systems as part of defraying costs which would otherwise be borne by taxpayers.  However, Prince Edward Island $45 toll on its Confederation Bridge takes the cake. This $45 toll bridge is a t [...]

17 June 2018

PEI Students Excel at the Skills Canada National Competition

The 24th Skills Canada National Competition wraps up in Edmonton Charlottetown, PE June 8, 2018 – Team PEI brought home six medals from the 24th Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) held in Edmonton, Alberta, recently. The Skills Canada PEI team consisted of 42 students and apprentices. Two students won gold medals, Erin Chiasson, Charlottetown Rural High School, in the IT Soft [...]

13 June 2018

Holland College Receives United Way Award

Charlottetown, PEI  –Holland College students and employees earned the college a prestigious Platinum Donor Leadership Award for their fund raising efforts during the United Way’s local charitable giving campaign. The Platinum Donor Leadership Award is presented to organizations for generating more than $10,000 in donations. Last year, Holland College employees and students raised $ [...]

04 June 2018

UFO: Ball Of Light Crosses The Sky In Newfoundland

Just a few weeks ago, a very unusual incident was reported in the Canadian province of Newfoundland. According to an anonymous report published on British online newspaper The Daily Star, the local police affirmed to have received hundreds of phone calls from scared people who claimed to have seen “a ball of fire” crossing the sky. “A mysterious ball of light ‘crashing down to Earth’ [...]

07 April 2018

How to have hot phone sex

The impact of technology in our everyday life continues to grow—with Instagram, emojis, messenger applications and a lot more—but then, the art of speaking on the phone seems to be fading. However, phones can be utilized for a whole lot more and phone sex offers a chance to build a strong connection with your partner, explore your fantasies, maintain long distance relationships, and ke [...]

25 January 2018

Exciting New Book Self-Publishing Comes to Halifax

Authors get ready, something big is here—as recently, one of the best publishing companies in Canada has just extended its services to the shores of Halifax. Agora Publishing is a book publishing company that is helping authors to achieve their life-long dreams of becoming renowned authors. They are providing a very professional and quite affordable self-publishing book service. The c [...]

05 April 2018

Book Self-Publishing Comes to Charlottetown, PEI

Searching for a medium to publish your book that reflects the culture and tradition of Charlottetown? Or maybe you're aspiring author looking to publish your work soon? Well, quite a number of writers with so much valuable content and potential using end up with the wrong publishing services. It's incredibly important to choose the right publishing company, as though writers can be held accou [...]

05 April 2018

Halifax Writers Benefit From Book Self-Publishing

Ever thought of publishing a book? Then self-publishing should be your preferred choice. The relative ease and immense benefits attached to it is worth giving it a try. Self-publishing is the rave of the moment, and this is because, as lots of traditional publishers continue to merge, it makes it a lot more difficult for new authors to get their work published—giving rise to alternative pub [...]

05 April 2018

Multicoloured UFO Hovers Over Halifax, Nova Scotia

Date: 18 March, 2018. Place: Halifax, Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. A few days ago, on 18 March, a very strange incident was witnessed in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. According to a short article published by famous Canadian ufologist Chris Rutkowski on his blog Ufology Research, a multicoloured UFO was allegedly seen hovering over the Canadian metropolis on the previously mentioned d [...]

04 April 2018