How to have hot phone sex

The impact of technology in our everyday life continues to grow—with Instagram, emojis, messenger applications and a lot more—but then, the art of speaking on the phone seems to be fading. However, phones can be utilized for a whole lot more and phone sex offers a chance to build a strong connection with your partner, explore your fantasies, maintain long distance relationships, and ke [...]

25 January 2018

Exciting New Book Self-Publishing Comes to Halifax

Authors get ready, something big is here—as recently, one of the best publishing companies in Canada has just extended its services to the shores of Halifax. Agora Publishing is a book publishing company that is helping authors to achieve their life-long dreams of becoming renowned authors. They are providing a very professional and quite affordable self-publishing book service. The c [...]

05 April 2018

Book Self-Publishing Comes to Charlottetown, PEI

Searching for a medium to publish your book that reflects the culture and tradition of Charlottetown? Or maybe you're aspiring author looking to publish your work soon? Well, quite a number of writers with so much valuable content and potential using end up with the wrong publishing services. It's incredibly important to choose the right publishing company, as though writers can be held accou [...]

05 April 2018

Halifax Writers Benefit From Book Self-Publishing

Ever thought of publishing a book? Then self-publishing should be your preferred choice. The relative ease and immense benefits attached to it is worth giving it a try. Self-publishing is the rave of the moment, and this is because, as lots of traditional publishers continue to merge, it makes it a lot more difficult for new authors to get their work published—giving rise to alternative pub [...]

05 April 2018

Book Self-Publishing Comes to Charlottetown, PEI

The sole purpose of getting published is to advance your career. That means that if someone denies you a publication chance, the person is indirectly stalling your career. This is exactly what many traditional publishers do whenever they send you a well-crafted rejection letter. Writers in Charlottetown, PEI can now heave a sigh of relief as Agora Publishing brings book self-publishing [...]

30 March 2018

PEI students recognized for excellence in trades and technology

Charlottetown, PE. Friday, March 22, 2018 – Skills Canada PEI recognized the achievements of 115 Island students recently at the Skills Excellence Awards night held at Holland College’s Tourism and Culinary Centre in Charlottetown.  The evening celebrated the success of competitors from the 2018 Provincial Skills Competitions. Medals were presented to high school, post-secondary and appr [...]

26 March 2018

City of Charlottetown passes $12.4 million capital budget

The City of Charlottetown town passed a $12.4 million capital budget which included new crime fighting technology, detox equipment, amongst other things necessary to facilitate progress in the city. On Monday night, March 12, the City council passed the capital budget at its regular public monthly meeting with the annual operational budget set to be released sometime next week. The city has a [...]

25 March 2018

Pennsylvania could have numerous hemp fields after legalization

The Lancaster County’s fertile fields could yet again blossomwith hemp, if the government’s legalization of the plant—which was banned in 1937 due to its similarities with marijuana—materializes this year. “We want to see people from all over Pennsylvania planting hemp, doing trials and testing varieties to see what grows best in different parts of the state,” said Erica McBride, e [...]

27 January 2018

Stratford Commends Youth for Volunteer Hours in 2017

Stratford, PEI -- 2017 was another year of growth for the Stratford Youth Centre with 54 members, including 17 who sat on the Stratford Youth Council. In total these youth contributed 1552.75volunteer hours through projects at the Stratford Youth Centre and in the community. The Stratford Youth Centre provides youth in grades 5-12 a safe, supportive environment to participate in social and re [...]

25 January 2018

Charlottetown court continues free legal advice

A project aimed at providing Islanders with free legal advice has now been extended. The project—headed by Justice John Mitchell with the P.E.I. Court of Appeal—is a pro bono summary legal advice clinic launched about a year ago. After being evaluated over the summer, major leader and participants in the project—including volunteer lawyers and court staffs—concluded that the progr [...]

22 January 2018

Temperature records decline across P.E.I.

Some locations in P.E.I. set new temperature records on Friday, January 12. Temperatures reached new heights in Charlottetown, Maple Plains, Summerside and St. Peters Bay. Previous records for Charlottetown was 10.2°C in 1983; Maple Plains, 10.0°C in 1980; St. Peters Bay, 10.3°C  in 2014; Summerside, 9.2°C in 1980. Newer records were set, with Charlottetown recording a temperat [...]

22 January 2018

China rule change causes an increase in garbage on P.E.I.

China announced in July 2017 that it would no longer accept most recyclables from abroad, and P.E.I's Island Waste Management's stockpile of plastic recyclables has grown to over 100 tones since then. CEO of Island Waste Management, Gerry Moore, said that the new rule had made jurisdictions across North America battle to find alternative solutions. "It's not only Prince Edward Island, [...]

22 January 2018

Cabinet shuffle indicates early election on P.E.I., says political scientist

UPEI political scientist, Don Desserud, has said that Islanders should start expecting an early election—even as early as this fall. "This is what all the signs are pointing for," Desserud told CBC on Thursday, Jan. 11. "I don't think that the government has decided they're going to go to an early election, but I think they're getting ready to make sure if the stars line up correctly [...]

22 January 2018