Mandela Effect: A Fight between False Memory and Alternative Reality

There are certain historical occurrences that are etched at the back of our minds. However, it seems that there are "people" who have been invading our reality with motives which violate our human sovereignty on Earth. These entities which are appearing as “people” are now trying to convince us in the general masses that these historical occurrences didn’t occur as we have always known. [...]

14 December 2018

Automated Cars Will Crush Our Freedom, Researcher Affirms

Early this month, renowned researcher Mike Adams, aka Health Ranger, published a very interesting video on online news platform in which he analyses the current boom of robotic vehicles and how they are, in his opinion, “crushing” our freedom and leading us to “a totalitarian society”. “I think most of you have no idea of what robotic cars can do to crush your freedom”, [...]

13 December 2018

Family night in with the classics: popcorn and a movie

(NC) Bring back the old favourites for your next night in, enjoy some quality time together and make it a memorable one with these simple tips and tricks. Prep your space. Before you start, do a little prep work to make the space fun and inviting. Change up your living area to make it feel cozy for the whole family. Try building a fort with bed sheets or putting up a tent indoors and [...]

13 December 2018

Celebrating National Popcorn Day

(NC) The enveloping aroma and satisfying crunch of popcorn is every snack-lovers dream. And this classic treat gets the chance to step into the spotlight on January 19, National Popcorn Day. Need some inspiration on how to celebrate with popcorn? Here are a few fun and easy ideas. Spice it up. Dress your popcorn with a dash of chili powder and some lime juice to spice things up. Sweet [...]

13 December 2018

Microwaving your food is one of the most damaging things you can do to reduce nutrition

(Natural News) There are probably worse ways to ruin the nutritional value of food and, indirectly, your health. But a Green Med Info article warned that there is no faster way to destroy the nutrients in your food than to pop it into a microwave oven. The days of cooking fresh, whole foods on the stove or in the oven seem to be long past. Now, you just pop prepared food into the microwave [...]

12 December 2018

U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing mass genetic pollution with devastating consequences

(Natural News) No longer content to tinker with the genetic design of crops and humans, scientists – at the behest of the U.S. Military – are now turning their attention to the world’s oceans. As reported by Defense One, the Pentagon is looking at various ways in which to genetically engineer marine microorganisms into living surveillance equipment capable of detecting enemy sub [...]

12 December 2018

Landowner seeks compensation for Cornwall bypass expropriation

A Cornwall couple wants a judge to decide how much the province should pay for farm land expropriated from them to make way for the Cornwall bypass. Brian and Dora MacKinley filed the request Monday in Charlottetown Supreme Court. They're seeking more than double the $134,100 paid to them by the province for eight hectares (21 acres) of land on Cornwall Road. The [...]

12 December 2018

Farm fined $15K in connection with P.E.I. fish kill

A P.E.I. farming operation has been fined $15,000 for its role in a fish kill four years ago. Brookfield Gardens was found guilty of violating the Fisheries Act following an investigation of a fish kill in North River in August 2014. More than 1,000 fish were found dead in the river. Provincial Court Judge John Douglas found in September that the company failed to exercise due diligen [...]

12 December 2018

P.E.I. 'pleased' with province's share of equalization

Amid controversy over equalization payments to some provinces this week at finance ministers meetings, P.E.I.'s finance minister says he is "relatively pleased" with the Island's share.  The country's finance ministers met Sunday night and Monday in Ottawa to discuss competitiveness, trade and equalization payments, where some provinces expressed opposition to the equalization [...]

12 December 2018

Women’s shelter may open soon in Charlottetown

A non-profit group called Blooming House hopes to be providing homeless women with a warm place to stay in Charlottetown early in the new year. If all goes well, a building that could house 10 to 12 women may open its doors as early as Jan. 1. Blooming House co-founder Brynn Devine says her group is optimistic it will secure a building rent-free to operate as a temporary shelte [...]

12 December 2018

New electronic parking tickets to be rolled out in Charlottetown next month

Charlottetown police are getting ready to roll out new electronic tickets for parking infractions, which will eventually replace the handwritten ones used now.   "We're happy to be ... leading the conversation and movement on e-ticketing here on Prince Edward Island," said Deputy Chief Brad MacConnell.  This is what the new tickets will look lik [...]

12 December 2018

Starbucks Name Change Is A Proof Of Mandela Effect, Researcher Claims

In recent days, several paranormal researchers and conspiracionists have spoken about a very interesting issue that had not been much noticed before: an alteration of our reality that has been nicknamed as “The Mandela Effect”. This effect, they say, consists in the deliberate manipulation of different events in the past by extradimensional beings in order to alter the present and the future [...]

12 December 2018

Mandela Effect: Reports of Alternative Reality Experiences Surges

According to “expert” testimony published in mainstream media, the Mandela Effect is attributed to millions of humans experiencing a phenomenon that is known as “false memory” about a fact or the happening of an event. However, this is disputed by people with stronger views. These are people who think that such a “false memory” conclusion is completely absurd. The Mandela Effec [...]

11 December 2018

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06 December 2018

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01 November 2018

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15 November 2018

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05 December 2018

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05 December 2018