John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Fails To Verify Disabled Woman Not Being Held Prisoner

Do physically disabled people have a right to see who they want?Or, can someone essentially seize control of a physically disabled person and block visitation access to them that the disabled person desires?John Summers is one Ottawa lawyer who appears to have perpetuated abuse against a disabled woman in Ottawa. Since 12 June 2015, Dezrin's sought visitation access has been blocked by h [...]

03 August 2020

John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Perpetuates Spousal Abuse With Disinformation

For how long will certain elements continue to tarnish the highly esteemed image of the law profession? One would have thought that aside the constant reports of certain law professionals being influenced so as to prevent justice from being served, nothing more can be done to raise eyebrows. However, the complete opposite is the case as a lawyer by name John Summers has done something th [...]

03 August 2020

John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Spreads False Information Through Affidavits

The heights of wickedness that can be shown by a human being towards another person can only be imagined. There have always been reported cases of people putting others through various degrees of torture. However, those people mostly had certain things in common and that includes not being well-informed, the incidence of some mental disorder, and many others. It is therefore very rare to [...]

03 August 2020

John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Ignores Rights of Physically Disabled People

According to our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, physically disabled people are entitled to equitable treatment and to live without fear in regards to their security of person, and discrimination.  In Ontario, laws have specifically sought to affirm a duty to accommodate to physically disabled people.However, one lawyer in Ottawa doesn't appear to appreciate the civil ri [...]

03 August 2020

Did Lawyer John Summers, a Police Detective and Judges Conspire in Mandela Effect?

My fellow human beings, let’s talk about this so-called “Mandela Effect”.The Mandela Effect has not only been linked to all kinds of divergent experiences of pop culture like logos, but nowadays to changes in geography, histories like the JFK assassination and even to apparent changes in family members.But, what if you were able to notice that one of your family members s [...]

03 August 2020

John Summers: How a racist Ottawa lawyer enabled domestic violence

Thanks to the failures of professional organizations like the Law Society of Upper Canada to support an ethical culture, lawyers have become known in society for being money-grubbing mercenaries.With that said, there is no lawyer I know that characterizes the evils of the law profession today better than Bell Baker LLP's John Summers in Ottawa.When John Summers was presented with a case [...]

03 August 2020

Premier King announces Renew PEI: Council for Recovery and Growth

Premier Dennis King announced today a team of skilled, innovative thinkers to help lead the effort to establish a plan for recovery and growth potential for Prince Edward Island over the next one, two, five and ten years.   The Council for Recovery and Growth, consisting of twenty-eight Islanders from various backgrounds and organizations, will engage Island [...]

27 May 2020

Sports will happen on P.E.I. this summer, but they may look different

Sports will be played on P.E.I. fields, diamonds and fairways this summer, but it may look different to spectators and participants. The first bogeys of the year were recorded Friday as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted on golf courses.  Other outdoor sports, such as baseball, soccer, football and tennis, will be allowed to begin June 12 if all goes well. Swimming pools, bowling a [...]

06 May 2020

P.E.I. born doctor working in NYC applauds province's efforts to stop COVID-19 spread

A doctor working in New York City is applauding  the efforts of health officials on P.E.I. for the measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. "It's been very interesting to see that almost in lock-step as measures were rolling out in New York City, P.E.I. was rolling out very similar measures even with very few cases," says Dr. Kyle MacDonald. He said that so far all the [...]

07 April 2020

Expecting and new moms in P.E.I. scared, trying to stay safe amid coronavirus pandemic

BORDEN-CARLETON, P.E.I. – It's the time in Sierra Barbour's life when she should excitedly be preparing for her bundle of joy by decorating the nursery with the help of family, getting together for a baby shower and celebrating her pregnancy with a maternity photoshoot. Instead, she is trying to limit stress levels and avoid thinking of things that could go wrong as the coronavirus (C [...]

06 April 2020

P.E.I. woman fined for being in gathering of more than five people amid self-isolation measures

A 38-year-old St. Edward woman has been fined $1,000 for being in a gathering of more than five people who are not persons living in the same dwelling. RCMP responded to a call of what was believed to be an illegal gathering just after 8 p.m. on Thursday in Miminegash. RCMP Cpl. Nick Doyle says the woman was issued a summary offence ticket for failing to comply with an order from chief p [...]

06 April 2020

Charlottetown Curl for Cancer fundraiser pays tribute to its founder Carole Kennedy

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. — The Charlottetown Curl for Cancer will be missing someone very special this Saturday. This is the first event since the death of its founder, Carole Kennedy, who died in Florida in March at the age of 81. Kennedy was a longtime member of the Charlottetown Curling Club (CCC) and a former columnist with The Guardian and The Evening Patriot newspapers. She was [...]

17 December 2019

Charlottetown making safety improvements to Pine Drive, Maple Avenue intersection

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. — Police Chief Paul Smith says a change is coming to the intersection of Pine Drive and Maple Avenue, next to Sherwood Elementary School. Coun. Bob Doiron, chairman of the protective and emergency services committee, has been bringing up concerns at the intersection for the past few months, saying people are not stopping. Doiron added that he has personally [...]

17 December 2019

Charlottetown to host 2020 Canadian Folk Music Awards, April 3-4

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. — The countdown to the 2020 Canadian Folk Music Awards is on. For the first time, the national event is coming to Charlottetown, April 3-4. For two days, performing artists, talent buyers and music industry professionals will flood the city to be part of this large celebration of Canadian folk music. On Monday, with fewer than four months left until the opening c [...]

17 December 2019

Charlottetown identifies key priorities ahead of 2020-21 construction season

Charlottetown's department of public works has identified a number of potential projects ahead of next year's construction season. The wish list is comprised of projects flagged by residents, city councillors and the department itself.   "These are a number of projects that we have identified that we think either need some type of upgrade or complete reconstruction to [...]

17 December 2019

Indigenous centre taking shape on Charlottetown waterfront

P.E.I.'s Mi'kmaq community will soon have a new place to gather, access services, and showcase culture.  Work is well underway on the new Urban Indigenous Centre on the Charlottetown waterfront. The three-story building will be home to Mi'kmaq Confederacy of P.E.I. offices, the new Mi'kmaq rights-based organization called L'Nuey, as well as space on the ground floor for front-li [...]

17 December 2019

Prince Edward Island’s Green leader keen to make electoral history

Prince Edward Island’s Green leader is contemplating making history – as the party’s first Canadian premier. Islanders will go to the polls April 23 in a provincial election announced late Tuesday. Recent polls have put the Greens out in front, and leader Peter Bevan-Baker believes his party can win a province that has only ever been governed by the Liberals or Tories. “That pos [...]

15 November 2019

Islanders collect 60 bags of garbage at P.E.I. beaches

As melting snow reveals more and more garbage piled up on P.E.I. beaches, one group of Islanders came together Sunday to tidy it up. More than a dozen people combed the beaches and roadways between Covehead Wharf and Dalvay beach. In less than two hours the group collected nearly 60 garbage bags of trash, filling the back of a pickup truck that hauled it away. Sarah Donald, who [...]

15 November 2019

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