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P.E.I.'s Confederation Centre Art Gallery hosting winter exhibitions

This Confederation Centre Art Gallery (CCAG) is set to host a fresh winter lineup of exhibitions, with features from a young Island artist, a gifted amateur Island photographer and 11 popular Quebec artists. New Island artist, Norma Jean MacLean, would be displaying her "Accumulated, Positioned, Reflected" exhibition until April 28. The exhibition is a careful selection of her most recent work, where she showcases the beauty of improvised layering, piling and accumulating.

MacLean would be displaying a 2016 oil canvas, "Side by Side", as part of her exhibition at the CCAG from January 13 to April 28—with her curator being the gallery's Pan Wendt. She's also included in the gallery's Emerging Artist Program which is supported by the RBC Foundation.

Talented amateur Charlottetown photographer, William Steele Louson, would also be showcasing his series of photographs that captures vivid images of the Island's landscape reproduced on postcards. Titled "Wish You Were Here: W.S. Louson's Picture Postcards of Prince Edward Island", the historic exhibition centers around the 20th century era when the trading of postcards were the rave of public interest. His works would be on display from January 20 to April 21, and would be curated by special guest, Harry Holman.

11 Quebec artists would be displaying a visual anthology of their work titled "Motion". The art's theme was split into two perspectives: as movement and as a proposal. Their exhibition was organized and advertised by Galerie de l'UQAM. Curators for this project are La Fabrique d'exposition, and Montreal curators such as Julie Belisle, Louise Dery and Audrey Genois.

“The new exhibitions will see the art gallery transformed yet again,” said the gallery’s director, Kevin Rice.

“I am looking forward to Norma Jean MacLean’s new paintings and installations; Harry Holman’s research on W. S. Louson’s early 20th century landscape photography (which circulated primarily on postcards) and the videos by 11 well-known contemporary artists based in Quebec. These exhibitions will provide audiences with a wonderful diversity of artworks.”

The exhibition would close on January 14 and the weekend would be the only window to see “John Greer: Material and Metaphor”

The Gallery would be open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday 1-5 p.m., during its winter/spring hours ending May 20. Detailed descriptions of each exhibition can be found here.

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