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Temperature records decline across P.E.I.

Some locations in P.E.I. set new temperature records on Friday, January 12. Temperatures reached new heights in Charlottetown, Maple Plains, Summerside and St. Peters Bay.

Previous records for Charlottetown was 10.2°C in 1983; Maple Plains, 10.0°C in 1980; St. Peters Bay, 10.3°C  in 2014; Summerside, 9.2°C in 1980.

Newer records were set, with Charlottetown recording a temperature of 12.0°C, Maple Plains with 12.3°C, St. Peters Bay 15.5°C and Summerside 11.5°C.

"Strong southerly winds ahead of tomorrow's cold front have driven temperatures into record territory," said Jay Scotland, CBC's meteorologist.

"We will probably see records fall Saturday as well before the temperatures drop."

The high temperatures are also bound to bring heavy rain to the Island.

Specific periods where thaws are bound to occur aren't specific, and there's no certainty that it might or might not occur in January. This is considering that over the last 20 years, length of days where the temperature reaches points above zero are randomly distributed. 

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