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Charlottetown: The Benefits of Self-Publishing Locally


As an author, the next step after you’ve written a book is to publish it. Usually, you’ll need to decide if you’ll self – publish or if you’ll be publishing it traditionally. Sometimes, new authors skip publishing entirely and share their books with family and friends, or post it on their blog so people can download free. This is usually a result of not knowing about great self-publishing options out here in Charlottetown PEI.

Publishing your book with Agorapublishing.com, will ensure that it gets to a broader audience who'll be able to appreciate your work and the easiest and most convenient way to do this is to self-publish. The number of authors that are self-publishing their books continues to grow every day. Here are a few benefits of self-publishing.

It’ll put an end to rejection letters

If you want to go the traditional publishing route, you’ll need to write dozens of proposals to different publishers, and sadly, many proposals do end up being rejected. This constant rejection can make you question your writing skills, and you may even start to feel like your book is not worthy of being published. When you self-publish, you bypass all of that. You don't have to wait for anything or anyone or write a synopsis of the story. You can just go straight to publishing. One strategy some authors employ is to self-publish their first work, ensure the book sells really well, and leverage that following to negotiate with a traditional publishing house. They’ll be willing to take you more seriously if you walk in with an impressive record of accomplishment.

Complete control

Traditional publishers usually have some say over the work, and may ask you to revise it to make it "better." The thing is their revision may not align with your vision for the book. Letting someone edit your novel, something you put a lot of effort and hard work into, for their own convenience is always going to feel terrible. However, if you self-publish, you’ll never have to go through that. You’ll have complete control over the direction of your story. Also, you'll own the copyrights of the book. This means you can bundle, sell or give away the book however you choose without first getting permission from the publisher.

More profits for you

Self-publishing offers you more earnings than you'll receive with a traditional publisher. A conventional publisher pays you 10-15% of the selling price of the book. Whereas when you self-publish, you keep everything you generate from sales after paying for the printing and marketing. Don't forget, you have complete control over all book decisions, meaning you also set the price for your book.

Agora Books PEI is available to help self-publishers in Charlottetown and all over the globe to successfully market and self-publish their books using cost-effective solutions to create bestsellers. Agora is a publishing community that caters to community college professors, teachers, and university lecturers alike who wish to self-publish for their course. Agora also offers several helpful books for the aspiring self-publisher, as well as other resources to get you started as a self-publisher.

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