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Mandela Effect: Reports of Alternative Reality Experiences Surges


According to “expert” testimony published in mainstream media, the Mandela Effect is attributed to millions of humans experiencing a phenomenon that is known as “false memory” about a fact or the happening of an event. However, this is disputed by people with stronger views. These are people who think that such a “false memory” conclusion is completely absurd.

The Mandela Effect is a construct which attempts to blame discrepancies between collective experiences and officially documented events as resulting from “false memories”.  

Mandela Effect proponents seek to discredit the alternative reality hypothesis.  These proponents do so by pointing to the fact that the death of Nelson Mandela has been appropriately documented.

Alternative reality experiencers say that the Mandela that they remember in prison is not the Mandela that died in 2013. In an article published in The Canadian, the Mandela that died in 2013 was referred to as “plastic Mandela”.  The Mandela that the writer of that article recalls would rather die in prison than to succumb to the whims of the oppressors.  However, that  article noted that the released Mandela did not only succumb to their whims but became them in the spirit of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

It is a saying of old that “the eyes are the windows to one’s soul”, but the eyes of the released Mandela has not been the same since he had been released from prison.

By scrambling the human experiences of reality and shaking the trust of memories associated with those experiences, it is believed that manipulative aliens are seeking to annihilate the human consciousness.  The reported goal of this annihilation according to believers is to expedite mass alien abductions through a weakened collective consciousness.

So, as the aliens alter history and the reality around humans, they begin the process of writing themselves into history as the real rulers of humanity, and due to the effect of the weakened belief in the happenings of events, humans will accept this as always being the case in a conscious level.

Much more disturbing is the report that was received of people whom after hearing the news of changed events in history and circumstances started acting like information was being “downloaded” into their minds to create an actual false memory that a certain reality anomaly “always existed”.   This includes changed brand names like “Starbucks Coffee” which had always been just ‘Starbucks’.

Would Mandela suddenly become a sellout when he was released? If so then, why?

There have been many reports of people experiencing a different reality with each other. But, when such representations surfaced, they were all attributed to the so-called “false memory” linked to the publicly presented example of the alleged false memory of Mandela perishing in prison.

Here are testimonies from people who claim to have experienced the “Mandela effect”.

Recently, a few days ago an Ottawa man ran out of the cereal he likes.  He was entirely out because only fine crumbs were left. The next day he went out to get a new box and when she returned to replace the old box of cereal with the new one in her small cupboard where she keeps them, right there was the same box about 25% full.

Last week a man saw a whole building not there anymore. He heard an older couple who was passing at the same time as him saying, “Funny I do not even remember what building was there before.”

Whether the Mandela effect is true or false, it is up to you to decide.

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