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Starbucks Name Change Is A Proof Of Mandela Effect, Researcher Claims


In recent days, several paranormal researchers and conspiracionists have spoken about a very interesting issue that had not been much noticed before: an alteration of our reality that has been nicknamed as “The Mandela Effect”.

This effect, they say, consists in the deliberate manipulation of different events in the past by extradimensional beings in order to alter the present and the future of humanity. And, as a proof of this fact, YouTube user and researcher MoneyBags73 published a video in which he mentions the sudden and mysterious name change of the renowned company Starbucks, which now is named Starbucks Coffee.

“Those who are experiencing the Mandela Effect understand what I say: sometimes you just notice something like right off, like something is not right, but you cannot always pinpoint it”, the YouTube user said. He explained that, in this case, he had never seen Starbucks Coffee “on almost every single coffee shop”. “I remember the word coffee on their circular logo, but Starbucks Coffee on almost every single coffee shop just looks bizarre”, he said.

“I am just feeling weird with this. They [Starbucks] are not like certain companies that only use a certain logo name on every single building and the same colour for it; they seem to kind of mix and match, but the word coffee just appearing out of nowhere is really strange”, the man claimed. “You can still find a few shops where you do not see coffee, but in almost 95 or plus percent it says Starbucks Coffee”, he added.

The American remarked that the reason why he is intrigued by this situation is because coffee shop he had been visiting “for the past 15 or 20 years” suddenly appears with a different name. “It just looks weird and too long. I know they have different signage and stuff, but it seems that the word coffee has popped up like in 95 percent of the shops I see”, he commented.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg6-xHmxCZc&=&t=337s

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