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Automated Cars Will Crush Our Freedom, Researcher Affirms


Early this month, renowned researcher Mike Adams, aka Health Ranger, published a very interesting video on online news platform Brighteon.com in which he analyses the current boom of robotic vehicles and how they are, in his opinion, “crushing” our freedom and leading us to “a totalitarian society”.

“I think most of you have no idea of what robotic cars can do to crush your freedom”, he expressed. “They [corporations] are trying to create automated vehicles to drive around, deliver packages and also commercial truck driving, and that sound great, but here is what is going to happen: we are going to be kind of slaves to the state”, he added.

The journalist explained that these vehicles will have a device called “transponder” which will allow companies to obtain vital information for them and “better interact with other vehicles”. “There will be a federal mandate to put transponders into all vehicles in a few years. Let’s imagine we are in year 2020. Every car built after 2020 must have installed a transponder, so it is sending information about your location and companies say: let’s use this vehicle to track people. Transponders not only will send signs about the car, but also about you”, he claimed.

“Now, how hard is it going to be for some hackers to scan the device and break the encryption?”, Mr Adams wondered. “They are going to start building databases on traffic movement and they are going to be able to know your commute schedule, so they are going to know when you are not home. Then, they can break into your house and steal your stuff!”, he warned.

“People do not usually think about the side effects of these measures; they always think: ‘this is going to be awesome’, ‘no more accidents’ and stuff. However, what about the loss of privacy? Now, you are not going to be alone much longer; your car is going to be tracked, which means that you are going to be tracked, too”, Mr Adams asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.brighteon.com/5975625288001

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