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American Scientists Create Humanoid Hybrid Embryos In Pigs

For decades, sci-fi movies have shown us eerie humanoid creatures being created in secret labs with dark purposes. We have certainly found this very entertaining, but the truth is that such scenario has now become an awful reality.

According to a very interesting report published in September 2018 on renowned online news site Intelligent Living, scientists from the United States have "injected slightly developed stem cells into a pig embryo in hopes of creating a human-pig hybrid, a chimera."

The article states that the purpose of this experiment is to "see if human-compatible organs can be grown within an animal, such as a pig". It also adds that these organs would later "be used for future transplants into human beings, who may then also technically be part pig, a chimera."

"There are 2 ways to create a chimera: the first is to transplant organs from one species to another, however, the risk of rejection is extremely high", the research claims. "The second is to transplant cells into an embryo and allow the embryo to grow together with the cells, as a hybrid", it continues.

The procedure consisted in putting slightly developed human stem cells (they realised that undeveloped stem cells did not survive as well as developed stem cells) into adult pigs for 4 weeks. Then, they were removed and analysed. 
The group of scientists explained that the gestation period of pigs is considerably shorter, which makes organs grow faster.

However, in spite of the advantages of this unorthodox procedure, many have warned about its ethical implications. "Once the percentage is high enough to not be rejected by a human, what is that percentage? How human will it be? Can they contain the cells to specific organs or will the cells be evenly distributed throughout the entire embryo?" the article states.

"In the meantime, they [scientists] hope that the technique can be used to study the development of human embryo development and understand disease, which could be just as valuable as the ability to create human organs", the writing claims.

Draw your own conclusions... 

For more information: https://www.intelligentliving.co/human-cells-pig-embryo-create-hybrid/?fbclid=IwAR23erW06s6fYnO4wlgVDVhqL6_D9LYsMRgZw6RsrrHThuwIFLNCB4gDiSQ

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