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Mandela Effect: Archons Remove North Pole Ice Sheet


Have you ever had that feeling of living in a world that looks quite normal but at the same time is slightly different? Then, you might have experienced what some experts have called “The Mandela Effect”.

This phenomenon has been named after the African leader because some people allege that he actually died in the 1980s, and they say what we remember today about him is the result of a sudden modification of our reality that some experts have suggested is related to a mass alien abduction.

Regarding this, last year, famous vlogger Kory Mann published a very interesting video on YouTube in which she discusses a very worrying issue: the alleged disappearance of the North Pole.

“Imagine that you are looking at the globe and at the bottom you have Antarctica, also known as the South Pole, which is a big hunk of ice; and then on the top of Earth is the North Pole, that is where the polar bear lives, that is where Santa Claus lives”, the vlogger said. “These are two different places: the top of the world has the polar bears and the bottom has penguins. They are different, but we generally know them as cold places. And you might be thinking: ‘yes, the North Pole exists, what’s the big deal’. Do you want to know what the big deal is?” she exclaimed.

According to her, the “big deal” is that, after having searched on Google Earth, the ice blanket that should be covering the North Pole has just disappeared. “Google Earth basically shows you the Earth; you can move it around and whatnot, it is very cool. Now, I distinctly remember Google Earth showing a North Pole”, the lady expressed. “I remember that if you looked at the top of the Earth it was all white because of the ice. However, if you go above North America, there should be the North Pole, but it is not there!” she commented.

“If you look well, it is not there, it is just blue, like liquid water, and not like solid ice. Why is it all blue? Did the North Pole melt? Maybe it was actually on Google Earth at one point, but they just changed it. I’m so confused”, she confessed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/news/headline_news/2019/01/09/13405-mass-alien-abduction-event-on-the-real-earth-may-have-produced-mandela-effects.html


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