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Mandela Effect Linked to Alternative Reality Manipulations


In the last years, lots of people have claimed to remember things different from what history and mass media tell us. For example, some individuals affirm that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s and never reached the presidency of South Africa, which differs from what most of us believe today. This is the reason why this phenomenon has been called “the Mandela Effect”, and according to experts, it basically proves that alternate realities do exist.

Regarding this, writer and researcher Cynthia Sue Larson published a video on YouTube in which she explains this issue and how it has affected her own life.

“The ‘Mandela Effect’, aka ‘Alive Again’ phenomenon is gaining public attention as more and more people make note of people being announced dead by reputable sources such as the San Francisco Chronicle and CBS Evening News, who are later reported being alive”, Ms Larson expressed. “This type of reality shift continues to be one of the most surprising and amazing to me, as I am astonished to see people alive and well again who I know have died. Editorial error can be ruled out, since there are no retractions of false reports. Until you've noticed this sort of reality shift yourself, it's hard to fully understand how shocking this experience can feel”, she added.

The American researcher states that this reality shift is generally linked to famous people or notorious events, but it can also affect daily routines. “Many people on the ‘realityshifters’ discussion list have witnessed the alive again phenomenon over the years, and many more have written to me sharing their first-hand accounts of having seen people they know alive again after having previously died”, she said. “Often these ‘alive-again’ people are celebrities, but sometimes they are acquaintances, neighbours, family, or friends”, she continued.

“Remembering alternate histories is a great way to discover the truth: that reality shifts. This phenomenon is much bigger than peoples' seemingly miraculous return from the dead--it also includes changes we notice in books, movies, and TV shows we've watched before that occasionally are very different from what we remember having seen before”, Ms Larson asserted. “Have you ever watched a movie a second time and wondered why the ending seemed so different? Consider the possibility that your mind's not necessarily playing tricks on you, it really might have changed”, she commented.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/news/headline_news/2019/01/09/13405-mass-alien-abduction-event-on-the-real-earth-may-have-produced-mandela-effects.html

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