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Biblical Fallen Angels Were Imprisoned In Antarctica, Researchers Suggest


For years, researchers and scientists have tried to understand the secrets of the coldest continent on Earth: the Antarctica.

Some have suggested that hidden under thick ice are alien bases, Nazi strongholds and even unidentified civilisations that existed before modern humans. However, a new theory has caught the public eye: it was the place where biblical Fallen Angels were imprisoned by The Lord.

According to an article published on Exopolitics.org by renowned Australian ufologist Michael Salla, Israeli researcher Steve Ben-Nun claimed that Fallen Angels were taken to Antarctica after “losing the heavenly battle with the righteous angels”.

“While the Fallen Angels had established an outpost on Mt Hermon, it was Antarctica that they would be removed to ultimately after losing the heavenly battle with the righteous angels”, Mr Salla expressed. Mr Ben-Nun affirms that an apocryphal document called The Book of Enoch gives some clues to this event. “Enoch refers to a location that ‘was burning day and night’. Ben-Nun believes that this fits the description of Antarctica during the Southern Hemisphere summer season when there is 24 hour sunlight”, Mr Salla wrote.

The Book of Enoch also mentions a group of seven mountains that Mr Ben-Nun and Salla believe could be the six mountains that surround Mt Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica. “Regarding the seven mountains, this appears to refer to Mt Vinson in the Sentinel Range of Antarctica, according to Ben-Nun. He also refers to six nearby mountains in the range that might qualify as the mountains described in the Book of Enoch”, the Australian researcher explained. “It [Mt Vinson] would have stood out just as spectacularly with its snowcapped peaks in ancient times, as it does today”, he added.

Additionally, people like Corey Goode (a famous whistleblower who claims to have worked with secret projects involving human and alien cooperation) say that Pre-Adamite civilisation established in Antarctica, and there could be links between them and the Fallen Angels. “We can see some intriguing parallels between Ben-Nun’s analysis of the Book of Enoch, and the recent disclosures of secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode concerning Antarctica”, Mr Salla stated. “Like the pre-deluvian biblical figure Enoch, Goode says he has also been taken to witness celestial events by a recently arrived group of highly evolved extraterrestrials called the ‘Sphere Being Alliance’. Like Enoch, Goode has also been asked to act as an intermediary for both sides in a “heavenly” or solar system-wide conflict”, he asserted.

“The Book of Enoch describes a future “Year of Mystery” when they are liberated. Is this an event we will shortly witness?” the Australian ufologist wondered.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.exopolitics.org/antarctica-and-imprisoned-fallen-angels-from-book-of-enoch/

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