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Mum gives son love-themed lunchbox for Valentine's - but there's one awkward detail

Many parents like to send their kids to school with sweet notes in their lunch boxes as a reminder of how much they love them.

One mum took it one step further for Valentine's Day and sent her son to school with a love-inspired lunchbox.

The incredible feast includes an array of tasty treats, all themed around Valentine's.

Her little boy will be surprised to open his packed lunch to find strawberries dipped in chocolate, cheese and carrots with heart-shaped holes cut out of them, crackers, popcorn and even heart-shaped biscuits.

The creative mum proudly posted a snap of the red box on the Lunchbox mums Facebook group yesterday, writing: "Valentines Bento lunch for my Son tomorrow".

 Other mums on the Facebook group pointed out a rather awkward issue with the timing of the lunchbox, as she's sent him to school with it today.

One wrote: "Tomorrow isn't Valentine's though. It'll sit in the fridge two days?"

Another agreed: "Is Valentine's Day Thursday?" with the monkey covering its face emoji.

The gesture is adorable, although it's not clear how her little one might feel about going to school with the romance-themed lunch box when it's not even Valentine's Day.

Kids can be mean and sometimes tease each other over their differences. However, the feast looks so tasty his friends will likely just be envious of his chocolate covered strawberries.

The mum later updated her post and assured everyone that she does realise Valentine's Day is on Thursday - but she's a bit tight for time later in the week so decided to make the gesture today.

She wrote: "Yep its Valentines on Thursday, I don't have time to love my Son on Thursday so will have to be tomorrow".

If you're looking for Valentine's Day ideas for your loved ones, there's plenty of great offers for you to take advantage of this year.

Marks and Spencer's has been crowned the cheapest spot to buy your lover 12 red roses, at a bargain price of £20.

And if you have a fried chicken lover in your life, KFC has unveiled popcorn chicken themed bouquets as a fun and unique idea for a Valentine's gesture. Very romantic.

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