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Watch: Nursing technician’s soulful rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ for a patient goes viral

The patient's granddaughter shared a video of nurse, Mikea Braden, singing in the hospital room even as her grandparents looked on.

A Nashville nursing technician has been wowing people across the world after a video of her heartfelt rendition of the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ went viral. Mikea Braden, the staff member at St. Thomas West Hospital, was filmed while she was trying to calm a 71-year-old heart patient.

Patsy Tate had been admitted to the hospital as her heart “was out of rhythm and she was having some confusion”, local publication Nashville Tennessean reported. Tate’s granddaughter Olivia Kilburn shared a video of nurse Braden singing in the room while her grandparents, who were moved by the gesture, watched her sing.

Braden had stopped by Tate’s room during her rounds at night, when her husband requested her to sing the hymn.

“She was humming and singing under her breath when she came in,” Kilburn said. “My grandfather, Pop, said, ‘I bet you know Amazing Grace’. So she stopped and just started singing. My pop loved it. My grandmother loved it. It was beautiful. I cried.”

Sharing the video on Facebook, Kilburn wrote, “My granny is sick at St. Thomas hospital in Nashville and she has been blessed with the BEST nurse tech!!”

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