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Award-winning East Pointers performing in Charlottetown on Feb. 10

Canadian folk music group, East Pointers, would be thrilling fans in Prince Edward Island when the group visits next month. The Juno award-winning P.E.I. based group would journey through Charlottetown during their international tour.

The trio consisting of fiddler/lead singer Tim Chaisson, guitarist Jake Charron and banjoist Koady Chaisson, will grace the Homburg Theater of Confederation Centre of the Arts for a performance on Feb. 10. Following the success of their new single, "Two Weeks", the band currently has six Music P.E.I. nominations for album of the year, group recording of the year, root contemporary recording of the year, song of the year, entertainer of the year and touring artist of the year. The award ceremony would be held during Music P.E.I. Week, Jan. 25-28.

The band's new single which was fresh off their sophomore LP, “What We Leave Behind”, was co-written by Gordie Samples —a Grammy award winner. The song was recorded last winter at one of Nashville's famed studio, Sound Emporium. Talking about the need to leave home and explore other terrains—away from family and friends—in search for a job; the melancholic song resonates a quite common setting in P.E.I and other world communities.

“When I played that song for my mom, she said, ‘That’s going to hit home for a lot of people,’” said Koady Chaisson.

“Many families are forced to split their time, with at least one member having to go out west – usually to Alberta – to make ends meet. It’s so hard. I did it, though luckily not for long, but there are people in my community going through it month after month, year after year.”

Their new album, which features a distinct selection of songs, from ecstatic and victorious to melancholic and dramatically inspiring, was produced by East Coast-bred producer/songwriter Sampson.

The East Pointers have been largely successful at blending dynamic transatlantic Celtic sounds with three part-harmonies, aiding them to claim numerous honors since the launch of their debut album "Secret Victory". They emerged winners at the 2017 Juno Awards for traditional roots album of the year, and at the 2016 Canadian Folk Music Awards for ensemble of the year.

Their new album "What We Leave Behind" is poised to witness more success.

“‘What We Leave Behind’ is certainly a breath of fresh air that blows straight from Eastern Canada,” says Folk Radio UK.

The band would end this month touring New Zealand before jetting home to Canada for a tour set for March.

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