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Charlottetown council defers vote on Pine Drive apartment proposal


The proposal to build a 41-unit apartment complex on Pine Drive in Charlottetown is on hold.

Charlottetown city council deferred a vote on the issue at its regular monthly meeting in March.

Council was set to vote on the proposal when Coun. Greg Rivard, chairman of the planning and heritage committee, said the developer had requested the matter be postponed until it had a chance to meet with the area residents in the hope of finding a middle ground.

Pine Cone Developments, of which Bevan Enterprises is a partner, has purchased the property at 9 Pine Dr. and wants to have it zoned from single-detached residential (R1) to medium density residential (R3) and to consolidate it with 11 and 13 Pine Dr., which were zoned R3 back when Sherwood amalgamated with Charlottetown in 1995.

"We had received an email from the applicant just asking for the application to be deferred,'' Rivard said following the council meeting. "They wanted the opportunity to go back. They want an opportunity to meet with the residents and see if there was the potential for finding a middle ground on that development.''

Residents who showed up at a recent public meeting to discuss the proposal were opposed to the proposal, just as they were three years ago when the developer had initially wanted to

The 41-unit proposal calls for a building that would feature a stepped roof, meaning part of it would be three storeys while another section would be four storeys. The developer said the intent is to disguise the scale of the building.build a 27-unit apartment building.

If the developer is able to reach an agreement with the residents, the process would likely start all over again with a new application. If no agreement is reached, council will vote on the current proposal. That was supposed to happen at council's next regular public meeting on April 13, but everything is up in the air right now with the ongoing pandemic sitiuation. The city said on April 1 it isn't sure when the issue will be dealt with.

The deferral didn't sit well with a group of Pine Drive-area residents who attended the council meeting in March.

"We're extremely disappointed,'' said Joanne MacRae, who spoke for the group, adding that they had hoped the issue would have been dealt with once and for all.

MacRae said she has talked to concerned residents in the area and they all agree that the developer has to take 9 Pine Dr. off the table and leave it zoned R1. They're willing to talk about 11 and 13 Pine Dr., but they want something much smaller than an apartment building.

"I think we're willing to (accept) townhouses (or) two-storey townhouses, something that looks nice on the streetscape,'' MacRae said. "That could be entertained, but it will have to be (in) a written comprehensive development agreement.''

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