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Charlottetown restaurant delivers free pizzas to hungry students left in Holland College residences

The few remaining students who are left in residence at Holland College in Charlottetown are not going hungry.

The majority of residents, 65 per cent, left within three weeks of the school suspending classes in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19 strain) pandemic.

Those who were left did not have food service, said Brodie Coffin, director of ancillary services at Holland College.

"I reached out to Dominos and told them about our situation with the students hoping they might be able to help," he said.

"Unbelievably, they opted to give each of our remaining students a free medium pizza to be delivered every Tuesday and Friday evening until this pandemic subsides."

Normally, there are 276 students living in the residences during academic year. Now there are fewer than 100 residents.

'’Numbers of students are changing every day –– the majority are leaving (and) going back home," said Coffin at the end of March.

"Right now we have 97 students in both residences."

He said Glendenning Hall had 58 remaining students and there were 39 in Cumberland.

The first pizza delivery arrived on Friday, March 20, the same week Holland College suspended all classes.

Since then, Holland College residences have been receiving160 pizzas -- cheese, extra cheese or pepperoni -- every Tuesday and Friday.

The restaurant will also accept special orders for veggie and gluten-free pizzas for students with dietary restrictions.

Abby Lane, Holland College student and resident atGlendenning Hall, said she was pleasantly surprised when she saw 100 pizza boxes waiting for students in the lobby.

"I saw a couple of my friends go down and grab a box and go back to the room. They were so happy ... I had a slice of pepperoni pizza as well while I was packing. I was so happy to see people helping out students during hard times."

"We have a special process in place to help follow social distancing. After pizzas are dropped off, no more than two students at a time are allowed in the lobby," said Coffin.

"The guard goes around the floors, announcing when students can go and get the pizzas."

Holland College does not plan to shut down residences as long as there are students living there, said Coffin.

"We're very grateful Dominos were so generous in helping our students. In times like this, we need to hear good news."

No one from Dominos was available for comment.

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