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Murphy Hospitality Group launches new food delivery option

Residents of Charlottetown and Stratford can now conveniently order deliveries or take-out meals from a chain of popular restaurants in the city.

The new delivery and take-out service is made possible by the Murphy Hospitality Group, as it launched a mobile app, MHG Delivered. The app gives customers an avenue to order from any of the company's restaurants in Charlottetown.

The app is powered by online food-ordering platform, ChowNow, and is made in a bid to connect customers with local restaurants.

Restaurants such as The Gahan House, The Brickhouse Kitchen and Bar, Sims Corner Steakhouse, Merchantman Fresh Seafood and Oyster Bar, Pizza Delight 1911 Jail and the P.E.I. Brewing Company Taproom would now have full menus on the app available for take-out or delivery.

“People are busier than ever with their families, careers and long to-do lists,” said chief operating officer, Ben Murphy.

“The app will allow us to provide convenient dining solutions to those who want to take the planning and prep work out of meals but still have quality food options in the comfort of their home or office,” he said. The Murphy Hospitality Group also noted that the app is being launched with a special limited time offer of $20 off the first order via the app.

MHG Delivered is available for download through Apple's App Store or Google Play Store. Orders can equally be made easily online through individual restaurant websites and Facebook pages.

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