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Charlottetown restaurant slammed with a warning letter

The Unique Work (or Golden Work), a Chinese food restaurant in Charlottetown has been handed a warning letter by provincial health inspectors to get things in order.

The restaurant which received its third warning in 2017, was issued a warning letter on December 14—with regards to various health violations such as, failure to follow proper hand washing practices and failure to receive, store, process and/or transport food or food packaging materials under conditions that prevent contamination and adulteration.

Previously issued a warning letter on July 28 and April 4, Unique Work has continued to violate health practices. Health inspectors utilize a warning letter as a first step in a series of enforcement. Afterwards, a notice of intent to issue a health order is given, and finally, but most consequential, an actual health order is given and inspectors are given authority to shutdown the premises.

Ryan Neale, manager of health and wellness for the Chief Public Health Office, said that following normal procedures, inspectors schedule follow-up inspections when violations are note. The Unique work though is an exception.

“In this case, because we’ve seen these violations in the past recently (at Unique Wok) we decided to move directly to a warning,’’ said Neale on Tuesday.

“Certainly, there were some violations in the critical section of our inspection report that certainly need to be addressed in a timely manner.’’

Neale also added that in cases where there's a risk to human health, the inspector is authorized to address the situation immediately or at a chosen time frame.

“For example, raw meat being stored above ready-to-eat food in the walk-in cooler. If something like that is happening there could be an immediate risk of that raw meat dripping down into other ready-to-eat foods. Something like that would be addressed immediately,” he said.

Cases around proper washing of hands and storage food containers would also be addressed instantly. The only food grade containers permitted are those that can be washed and sanitized between uses. Neale also remarked that every issue in relation to Unique Work's warning order has since been addressed.

Other restaurants—such as Root Cellar, Queen Street, Charlottetown; West Prince Video and Variety, Bloomfield, and Pandas Quik Mart dba Saunders Corner XTR, Bloomfield—equally received warning letters in December for other violations.

Health inspectors discovered that the restaurants failed to ensure that food contact surfaces are secured from contamination—as provisions for food grade materials weren't made, and proper maintenance for the surfaces and utensils in a healthy condition weren't adhered to.

Also, the restaurant failed to ensure that containers or utensils specifically for single use were not used more than once. There wasn't a properly developed and maintained written sanitation plan, plus the premises and equipments weren't kept in a clean and sanitary condition.

Health inspectors also noted that the restaurants failed to provide accurate and functional temperature measuring devices to ensure adequate food safety.

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