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10 tried-and-tested ways to remedy plantar fasciitis

(Natural News) Plantar fasciitis is a disorder that affects your plantar fascia, or the ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot. The condition causes pain in your heel. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, try some of the natural remedies listed below to ease your symptoms.

These cures, which have been tested by contributors from the Sports Injury Clinic website, are also recommended by elite level sports injury professionals.

  1. Don’t walk barefoot — You must refrain from walking barefoot to avoid putting strain on the plantar fascia under your foot. Walking on your bare feet will make your condition worse.
  2. Cold therapy — Apply ice or cold therapy to minimize pain and inflammation on your foot. Apply ice regularly throughout the day, especially when you feel pain in the affected area. Cold therapy can be applied for about 10 minutes every hour. Reduce the cold therapy to thrice a day as your condition improves. (Related: Are your “dogs” barking? Researchers develop tech to relieve foot pain for people who have to stand all day.)
  3. Pain-free stretching exercises — As soon as the pain allows, try to do so some stretching exercises. You need to do these exercises, so the plantar fascia and the calf muscles at the back of your leg are stretched properly.
  4. Rest — Like other injuries, rest is the most effective cure for plantar fasciitis. Unless you rest the injured foot, your condition won’t improve.
  5. Roll a ball under your foot — Take something small, like a golf ball or a tennis ball, then roll it under your foot. This will massage the affected area and stretch the bottom of the plantar fascia. Cold therapy will complement this remedy, especially if you wish to relieve the pain.
  6. Tape the foot — A simple plantar fasciitis taping technique may offer instant relief for some people. Apply tape under the foot to support the tissue and reduce the weight on your plantar fascia.
  7. Use a plantar fasciitis night splint — A plantar fasciitis night splint can keep your foot from tightening overnight. The night splint can also prevent pain in the morning.
  8. Wear a heel pad — If you’re on your feet regularly, which can be taxing on your heels, wear a heel pad.
  9. Wear comfortable shoes — Always wear comfortable shoes, such as running shoes or trainers, so your condition can improve. Avoid hard or flat shoes, which can make your symptoms worse.
  10. Wear orthotic insoles — If you overpronate (have flat fleet), some orthotic insoles can help correct the motion of your foot. They can also help prevent the recurrence of foot pain.

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Try these effective and natural remedies to relieve the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a very common orthopedic complaint. The plantar fascia ligaments suffer from a lot of wear and tear, especially since they function as “shock absorbers” while they support the arch of the foot.

When you put too much pressure on your feet, you may damage or tear the ligaments. This causes inflammation in the plantar fascia, which then causes heel pain and stiffness.

The symptoms of plantar fasciitis include pain on the bottom of the heel. Other individuals with this condition may feel pain at the bottom mid-foot area. The pain develops gradually over time, and while it often affects just one foot, in some cases it can affect both feet.

Sometimes the pain linked to plantar fasciitis is described as “dull,” but others experience a sharp pain. Others suffer from a burning or aching sensation on the bottom of the foot that extends outward from the heel.

Below are some of the common causes of plantar fasciitis:

  • Being a long-distance runner
  • Being overweight or obese, which causes increased pressure on the plantar fascia ligaments, especially if sudden weight gain occurs
  • Pregnant women may suffer from plantar fasciitis, especially during late pregnancy
  • Having a very active job that requires you to be on your feet for a long time, like working in a factory or being a restaurant server
  • Having structural foot problems, such as very high arches or very flat feet
  • Tight Achilles tendons, which attach your calf muscles to your heels, may also cause plantar fascia pain

You can read more articles about natural remedies for plantar fasciitis and other foot problems at Health.news.

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