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Halifax Writers Benefit From Book Self-Publishing

Ever thought of publishing a book? Then self-publishing should be your preferred choice. The relative ease and immense benefits attached to it is worth giving it a try. Self-publishing is the rave of the moment, and this is because, as lots of traditional publishers continue to merge, it makes it a lot more difficult for new authors to get their work published—giving rise to alternative publishing channels.

For writers in Halifax who have books with a controversial title, a niche title, a quality title that is not much of a money magnet, or are just plain anonymous, then you need to self-publish. Now, self-publishing can actually mean either freedom or a straight up license for mediocrity. However, this depends on which publishing company you've entrusted with your book, as quite a number of publishing companies have ripped off unsuspecting writers by offering substandard services that eventually hurts the success of their book.

Offering poor editing, formatting and typesetting services are just a few of things that most self-publishing authors suffer in the hands of publishing companies. Not including enough white space in a bid to cut cost, thereby crowding lots of words on a page. This not only signals unprofessionalism, but makes the entire work very difficult to read. However, with Agora Publishing, you enjoy the immense benefits attached to self-publishing.

As a new writer, the need for exposure is necessary and choosing Agora Publishing in Halifax ensures you get it at a much quicker rate. Now, one of the benefits of self-publishing is that your book gets to market much quicker than it would have using traditional methods. The presence of the internet means you could actually complete a book today and have it available it online the next day. While it's never advisable to rush a book, using a reputable publishing company like Agora Publishing ensures that your work is thoroughly edited, proofread and with excellent typesetting. The speed of self-publishing can almost translate into quicker exposure and more revenues from sales.

One of the best reasons to self-publish as a writer is that it offers you greater creative control over the content of your book and its appearance. Unlike traditional publishing houses where you need to meet the strict requirements of numerous parties— including editors, marketers, and designers—self-publishing saves you from all the hassle.

Self-publishing presents you the opportunity to carefully craft and maintain absolute control over your content every step of the way. You're not only able to make decisions regarding the text and cover art, but you can also choose to publish your material in whatever format you desire—from booklets to workbooks and even multi-book series.

Traditionally, most publishing houses would normally pay authors royalties on the books they sell—this is irrespective of what the author might want. For example, you might receive 10 percent to 15 percent of the list price of each book sold, while the rest of the profits go to the publisher. This can be quite disadvantageous to most authors, especially aspiring writers in Halifax who are hoping to make a living off their craft. On the other hand, when you choose to self publish with Agora Publishing, you can receive up to 70 percent of the list price. Additionally, on top of the other professional services you enjoy, you equally retain rights for adaptations like films, TV shows, adverts, and even comic books.

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