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Cryptocurrencies Are A Globalist Scam, Expert Claims


Last month, more specifically on 28 November, journalist and writer Ethan Huff published on famous news site Natural News a very interesting article on a subject that has caught the public attention in the last years: cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are just a group of digital currencies that are not regulated by any bank or authority; they are commonly depicted as “free” and “decentralised”. However, according to the journalist, “cryptocurrencies are actually much worse than fiat currencies in terms of the level of control they afford to globalist interests”.

“As revealed by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market.com, cryptocurrency is basically a dream come true for the New World Order. Not only do fictitious digital ‘coins’ like Bitcoin stand to replace all forms of paper and metal money – which is exactly what the globalists want – but they’re also easily trackable, leaving “footprints” in the blockchain for every transaction that takes place”, Mr Huff asserted. “Crypto seems to have been the plan all along for bringing about a cashless society and one-world government – the exact opposite of ‘decentralized’ and ‘anonymous’”, he continued.

In the opinion of the journalist, cryptocurrencies “are not even real”, and are just based “on empty trust”. He quoted again the words of Brandon Smith, who said that “there are no anonymous digital transactions, no matter how savvy a person thinks they are”.

“The entire crypto-storm over the past decade has done one thing very well – it made the idea of cryptocurrencies a household discussion, and I believe this was the goal all along”, explained Smith, quoted by Mr Huff.  “Once I found growing evidence that international and central banks were deeply involved in building the infrastructure needed to make blockchain technology go global and universal, it became obvious that bitcoin and other coins were merely a pregame test for the introduction of something rather sinister”, he added.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-11-26-cryptocurrency-is-a-globalist-scam-for-total-control-over-the-worlds-money.html

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