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Chinese Technology Was Behind California Wildfires, Journalist Claims


In the last months, devastating wildfires have taken place in California, burning down entire towns and putting in risk millions of lives. American authorities have been trying to figure out the origin of this catastrophe, but they still have not found a concrete answer.

However, a few days ago, journalist and writer Dave Hodges published a very interesting article on online news site The Common Sense Show, in which he claims that Chinese intelligence and “the Deep State” could be behind these events, with the purpose of “bringing down the country”.

“I am in possession of three different pieces of intelligence information that would indicate that the Deep State and the Chinese are partnering to bring down the country”, Mr Hodges said. “This information has been made available to me over the past 11 days. Only one of the sources said it was permissible to identify their agency and it was the FBI”, he continued.

In the opinion of Mr Hodges, the wildfires were caused by what he calls “Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)”. “Some people within the FBI believe that the technology behind the directed energy weapons (DEW) is Chinese in origin with regard to manufacturing”, he mentioned. “This allows for plausible deniability because the DEW weapons are not of DARPA origin. I want to be clear at this point, the fires in California are not natural. They are the direct result of DEW weapons of Chinese origin”, he commented.

In addition, he asserted that the Asian country is very interested in CALEXIT, an independentist movement similar to British BREXIT. “The second source says that a deal has been struck between CALEXIT and the Chinese. The Chinese, in exchange for use of their DEW technology, will be able buy up California distressed California farmland on the cheap in exchange creating maximum chaos in California”, the journalist expressed. “According to radio interviews I have conducted with Paul Preston, if CALEXIT is not initially successful, and it has not been, massive violence is planned. Are these DEW’s the manifestation of this? My second source says ‘yes’”, he remarked.

Finally, Mr Hodges stated that “not only are the DEWs Chinese in origin, but this merely represents the first part of what is coming”.

“The burning down of California is designed to create chaos and to destabilize the state thus making it more appealing to more people in California to exit the US”, he said. “However, I am told that there is a phase two. If California remains intact, an EMP is going to be used and it too, is Chinese in origin”, he added.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/is-chinese-technology-behind-the-directed-energy-weapons-fires-in-no-california/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=is-chinese-technology-behind-the-directed-energy-weapons-fires-in-no-california

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