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Mandela Effect: A Fight between False Memory and Alternative Reality


There are certain historical occurrences that are etched at the back of our minds. However, it seems that there are "people" who have been invading our reality with motives which violate our human sovereignty on Earth. These entities which are appearing as “people” are now trying to convince us in the general masses that these historical occurrences didn’t occur as we have always known. History as we have known it is now being changed to complement the interests of the rich and the powerful and where this dangerous activity will go, no one can predict.

Our ancient human ancestors had warned about these “people”.  These warnings have been communicated by such ancestral groups and the ancient Pagan Gnostics as documented by John Laash and African tribal groups.  These “people” are the ‘Archons’.  Who the heck are the ‘Archons’ you might enquire?

The Archons are lower dimensional demonic alien entities that were described as ancient Pagan Gnostics as emissaries of the “fallen angels”.  The fallen angels are demonic entitles that seek to present themselves in organized religion and in human “visions” as angels. 

Through human-appearing hosts, Archons have sought to manipulate humans throughout history in all sorts of causes including wars as well as other acts of violence and oppression which have been labelled Achontic leaders to be all for the “Greater Good”.  And now it appears that the Archons who preside over the mainstream media and other elite corners of society are seeking to keep humanity in the dark regarding an apparent “Alien invasion” which Canadian former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer has warned about in YouTube video.

The apparent ultimate goal of the Mandela Effect is to shift humanity into a reality where we,  as humans become conquered from a changed re-sequencing of history where we accept a New World Order under alien control that based upon a changed past and ensuring collective conscious where the aliens became the accepted “present-day” rulers.  This apparently had happened to the ancient Egyptians and other such horrific Empires which became the scene of “human sacrifice” rituals.

When the demonic aliens departed, they then sought to wipe a memory of their existence so that in a future planned conquest of Earth, we, as humans, would be ignorant.

The current  phenomenon that we humans have started to report with more and more frequency  has become known as the Mandela Effect: a wide-spread and deep-seated collection of everyday events and their details which is being re-written through some form of unknown technological manipulations which creates a discrepancy between memories and changed events to suit a new historical narrative.

It is a phenomenon which most people in the media have either avoided to write about or have sought to cover-up.  Many people seem to be controlled to accept the manipulation of historical events through reported telepathic or nanotechnology microchipped control via vaccines as reported by David Icke.  Why do you think the Achons have been promoting various vaccines?

Ancient people as documented by both John Lash and David Icke describe the Archons that we may see on a daily basis on our TVs and in person as “artificial man” or more specifically AI people controlled by dark forces. They are the proponents of the terms they so aptly called the Mandela Effect. As an example, they point to the death of Mandela in 2013 as supporting their assertions that human experiences into a “simulation” which appears as reality are simply “false memories”.

The Archons use apparatuses such as the media, both social or traditional such as print and television, as part of their manipulation strategy.

After the Archons seek to manipulate us, the fallen angels are busy changing history in alarming ways.  A recent change not only includes moving the Statute of Liberty from Ellis Island to “Liberty Island” but also inserting a German terror act in 1916 against the Statute of Liberty. They then try to convince the general masses that all these are false memories and not alternative realities.

In this video a self-described clone admits that the general populace was not to be let in on the Mandela Effect. Allegations that the destruction of earth in 2012 is as absurd as the methodology purportedly used in its destruction - develop a cloak that shields humans from appreciating the AI simulations that fallen angels seek us to mistake for reality. Even so, this video also suggests that  a different scientist who opined that man should be able to appreciate present and former realities and has  allegedly sought to interrupt what this self-described clone alleges to be a “Veil” which was allegedly designed to prevent humans from observing “Mandela Effects”.

Upon intensively-researching about the Mandela Effect, it doesn’t only involve historical events, but also cuts across popular products and animals. There was the sighting of a grim, ghastly and macabre creature that is supposed to be “a goat”. On popular brands, a case in point is the shift in the popular coffee house Starbucks that has morphed into an elongated version dubbed Starbucks Coffee coupled with an altered logo which is totally different from the original one. Anyone who took note of it might have simply brushed it off as “corporate makeover” but upon careful scrutiny, it is clear that it is a form of the Mandela Effect. Other examples include the well-known adult diaper brand, Depend which we have always known as Depends, the now hyphenated Band-Aid brand and Froot Loops instead of Fruit Loops just to mention a few. Skewed historical events include the astonishing facts that there were not four, but six people in JFK’s motorcade moments before his brutal assassination when there’s no reason to doubt that the car had only four seats. The Mandela Effect’s researchers also point to the Great Wall of India being as the closest “nemesis” -height-wise- to the Great Wall of China. Another is the human-eating reptilian aliens sighted at the Frogner Park in Norway.

Shift your attention to the man after whom the phenomenon is named: Nelson Mandela. It is common knowledge that Nelson Mandela lost his life in prison but the proponents of the Mandela Effect blatantly and unashamedly shift focus to documentation that claims Mandela died in 2013. It is now known that the latter who became president was “plastic Mandela”- Mandela’s caricature. An African Zulu elder confessed to seeing conniving human-esque aliens.

“Plastic Mandela” was betrayed by his stance of ending apartheid and white supremacy in South Africa by “uniting” both sides of the divide while in essence, he made black South Africa worse than they were before his release. He did this under the pretence of the message of peace and reconciliation while in reality, he compromised on the wide-spread capitalism in Africa’s most southern state. The very black leaders he was against when he was in prison were corrupt and are culpable of the economic losses of black South Africa. “Plastic Mandela” not only betrayed the cause but was responsible for making the masses believe in the make-believe of the notion of a false-memory.

The eyes are the windows to the soul: common phrase. “Plastic Mandela’s” eyes different in appearance from Nelson Mandela’s eyes. “Plastic Mandela” had eyes that showed he was a puppet stringed along by external forces while Mandela had an unrelenting desire to rid his countrymen of the slavery that had overcome them for nearly three centuries. While Mandela was a great visionary of South Africa, Africa and the world at large, “Plastic Mandela” was nothing but a sell-out to the principles of Ubuntu and a huge disappointment to the people who had entrusted him to turn his motherland into a version of Sweden. A cause which many were committed to but one which was an eye-opener nonetheless.

A few experiences are a testament to this hypothesis. For a long time, a customer at a restaurant he normally frequented was certain there were no more than three chefs. He was taken aback when a fourth one he had never seen told him, “Welcome Back!.” when he went there a fortnight ago. Not so long ago, another person experienced something similar with a box of cereal that, certain to him was empty. He found a quarter of it when he bought a new box of cereal later on. In a separate incident, a building that had always been in a location another lady passed by was no longer there. Her suspicions were confirmed when she overheard a couple that was passing by say, “Funny, I don’t even remember what building was there before.”

The fine details of history are being changed by the day by “people” who are bent on destroying our consciousness towards these events. One can establish that different schemes executed by aliens have been employed to distort reality with the aim of creating the “New World Order.” Even with the few cases mentioned above, it is hard to not cringe at the thought of what they might do should they achieve their objective.

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