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Why some Islanders aren't making New Year's resolutions anymore


Now that presents have been unwrapped under Christmas trees across the Island people are perhaps turning their attention to the year ahead and means of self-improvement.

Alcohol will be forsworn by some, treadmills embraced by others and some people will find new hobbies as they set their New Year's resolutions for 2019 — or will they?

No more resolutions? 

CBC P.E.I. spoke with Islanders on past New Year's resolutions, the resolutions they've failed to keep and why some people on the Island have decided to no longer make New Year's resolutions at all.

The idea of new year resolutions goes as far back as the Babylonians, so why stop now?

"I don't think you need a new year to make an excuse to do something good," said Islander Paul Saleh, who hasn't set a New Year's resolution since he was 12 or 13.

"If you're going to do something good — do it. Anytime, you know? Do it tomorrow," Saleh said.

Long-term goals instead

Tanya Zaharkikh recently stopped making New Year's resolutions. She says it doesn't really work for her. Instead, she's beginning to focus more on long-term goals.

"I like to have long-term plans, like for three or four years and just let life take me there," Zaharkikh said.

For some Mackenzie Niedzwicki, it's not the idea of New Year's resolutions that he's ditching but the self-focused aspect of the tradition.

Last year,  Niedzwicki decided to make a resolution that would improve not only himself but hopefully the people around him. He made a resolution to be kinder to people.

Paying it forward

"I feel like if you're good to people they can pay it forward," Niedzwicki said.

"There was moments that it didn't really work out. Obviously it's difficult to always keep it in your mind but you try," he said.

Even harder than making new year resolutions — is keeping them.

Niedzwicki says, keeping a journal would have helped him get better results from his resolution, forcing him to reflect on his resolution on a regular basis throughout the year.

Niedzwicki hasn't made his mind up about a new year resolution for 2019 but says it will most likely be in the same vein as last years — improving himself while improving the lives of others.

"I think self-improvement is great … but but helping other people is a better goal."


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