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4 Reasons to Self-Publish with Agora Publishing Prince Edward Island, Canada

Most writers—if not all—find fulfillment in getting their books published. The rejection letters accompanying returned manuscripts is making it difficult for writers to find fulfillment in their craft. This explains the rise in the number of self-published titles. Self-publishing has a less stiff process than traditional publishing but sadly, that is also the bane to many writers in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Are you a writer in Prince Edward Island seeking to publish a manuscript that has been turned down by various agents? Partnering with Agora Publishing self-publishing service will help Prince Edward Island writers focus less on the publication process and more on polishing their manuscripts to the best standards that will set them at par with books from traditional publishers. Four reasons to self-publish with Agora Publishing are explained below.

Your ideas will not be discriminated

Week in, week out, we see masterpieces from Prince Edward Island writers and around the globe being turned down by agents, not because they are not well-crafted but because the agents think the genre is not selling anymore. No matter how weird your idea may seem, there are millions of people who will definitely share your interest. Zsofia Macho in a post on Publish Drive said, “There are people out there who want to read your novel or cookbook, and if you keep it in your drawer, they never will.”

All the services you need in one place

One important factor Prince Edward Island writers should put into consideration when choosing a self-publishing service is convenience. While all self-publishing platforms offer writers the opportunity to showcase their books to the world, only a few have the necessary specs that would make self-published titles stand out—Agora Publishing is one of the few. AgoraPublishing.com offers Prince Edward Island writers services like ISBN registration, book cover design, editing, down to search engine optimization (SEO), printing and distribution. This saves the writer the stress of sourcing for different professionals to complete this task.

You can still be a big winner

In the past, only books from traditional publishers were qualified for big prizes but that has changed. In 2011, the Folio Prize was created which focuses on readability when choosing a winner is open self-published books. The aim is to cover works from uncommon topics and forms. Rather than discriminate your book based on genre as most literary agents do, Agora Publishing, like gold, will polish your book to make it conform to the international standard and qualify it to be a big winner.

You can earn a living from writing

Let’s face it, a large percentage of writers wish they can earn a living from their craft. The royalty package offered by traditional publishers often slim the chance of this dream becoming a reality. Prince Edward Island writers who self-publish with Agora retain most of the profit, making it easier to turn writing into a life-long career.

Before diving into self-publication, Prince Edward Island writers can make themselves available at the community centers and libraries where Agora Publishing editors make presentations to have a better idea of self-publishing services and benefits.

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