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Man who stole drones gets time in P.E.I. jail


A P.E.I. man who stole almost $500 worth of drones from a hobby-supply store and used a debit card stolen from a purse at a Tim Hortons was sentenced recently to six months in jail.

Daniel James Acorn, 34, appeared before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown where he pleaded guilty to several charges, including possessing stolen property.

The court heard that Acorn went to Great Hobbies in Charlottetown twice and stole drones.

Those drones were valued at $498.98.

Acorn also bought a pre-paid Visa with a card from a purse that was stolen off a table at a Tim Hortons.

He was later caught with stolen debit and credit cards.

In sentencing Acorn, Douglas followed a joint recommendation from the Crown and defence.

Acorn will be on probation for one year after his release and must pay a total of $838.22 in restitution.

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