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How Charlottetown is encouraging residents to save energy, money

Planning to build, renovate or buy a home? Want to learn more about where your energy goes in your home and save some money along the way?

The City of Charlottetown, in partnership with Efficiency P.E.I., is planning an event on Wed., April 17, to provide information on energy-efficiency rebate programs for homeowners.

"The City of Charlottetown is committed to become 100 per cent renewable energy powered and carbon neutral by the year 2050," said Coun. Terry MacLeod, chair of the city's environment and sustainability committee, in an email to CBC News.

"To reach this goal we know the importance of providing residents with the resources and educational opportunities to make energy saving adjustments within their own homes and lifestyle."

Reducing 'environmental footprint'

The free event, Ways to Save, is scheduled for 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at city hall and includes a presentation on energy efficiency in residential homes. Staff will be available to answer questions about navigating and accessing money savings and rebates through Efficiency P.E.I.  

Officials will be at the event to answer questions about saving money through Efficiency P.E.I. (Tom Steepe/CBC)

"We have been hearing from our residents for years that sustainable practices are important to them," said MacLeod. 

"Initiatives like the upcoming Ways to Save event provide the community with first-hand access to information and rebates available to assist them along the road of reducing energy consumption and in turn also reducing their environmental footprint."

Participants will receive a ballot for a chance to win a heat pump and installation valued at up to $5,000.

Existing energy rebates

Ways to Save is one of two public events being held this month as part of Charlottetown's efforts to take action on its official energy plan.

Some of the plan's objectives are to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses, reduce energy use in transportation, transition to clean renewable energy and foster sustainable community development.

Through rebate programs, education and support, Efficiency P.E.I. helps Islanders minimize their impact on the environment and maximize their positive impact, the organization said in an email to CBC.

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