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Liberal election promises focus on supporting primary industries in P.E.I.


Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan announced supports for Prince Edward Island’s core economic sectors at an election stop in Murray River Monday morning.

Among the measures promised was an expanded crop insurance program that includes a $1-million fund to assist soil health practices. The Liberals also pledged to establish a Food Island export program, as well as to expand Team Seafood and P.E.I. Farm Team bursary and job programs and investments that would help tackle climate change.

“Decades of hard work, dedication and innovation have built our Island’s world-renowned reputation for high-quality and sustainable food products,” MacLauchlan said. “The Liberal plan for agriculture and fisheries will build on that track record in a way that encourages well-paid and rewarding jobs.”

The Liberals also took the opportunity to raise environmental issues, such as Northern Pulp’s plan to pipe paper pulp effluent into the Northumberland Strait.   

“I am very pleased with the Liberal government’s strong stance against a large corporation’s plan to use the Northumberland Strait as a destination for industrial effluent,” said District 4 candidate Ian MacPherson.

“Our lobster fishery is too healthy and too important to take any risks – and I commend the premier for his position on this matter.”

If re-elected, the Liberals also pledged to make Prince Edward Island a national leader in banning single-use plastics and other forms of disposable packaging, as well as to invest $8 million over the next four years on a shoreline protection. The announcement Monday also included election promises regarding electric vehicle charging stations; reforestation programs; and a solar electric incentive for Island homeowners.

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