30 September 2019 0 Comments Posted By : Kevin Yarr

P.E.I. tourism growing again, but 'definitely an opportunity' for more

A strong spring has pushed P.E.I.'s tourism numbers into positive territory, but the Tourism Industry Association of P.E.I. says there is potential to grow more.

TIAPEI is looking for more spending from the provincial government.

"More marketing dollar needs to come from the new government," said association CEO Kevin Mouflier.

"There is definitely an opportunity there and we can only do it with additional marketing dollars to spend effectively on the markets [where] we see the number's growth."

There was a 1.4 per cent increase in total overnight stays on P.E.I. for the year to the end of July, according to the most recent numbers gathered by the provincial government. June and July, the biggest months of the year so far, were flat. The increase comes mostly from double-digit growth in March and April.

A deeper look at where the tourists were coming from shows more volatility than the overall numbers suggest.

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