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Expecting and new moms in P.E.I. scared, trying to stay safe amid coronavirus pandemic

BORDEN-CARLETON, P.E.I. – It's the time in Sierra Barbour's life when she should excitedly be preparing for her bundle of joy by decorating the nursery with the help of family, getting together for a baby shower and celebrating her pregnancy with a maternity photoshoot.

Instead, she is trying to limit stress levels and avoid thinking of things that could go wrong as the coronavirus (COVID-19 strain) pandemic continues to spread.

"Our baby girl is due at the end of June. If this (pandemic) goes into summer, we won't be able to go out and about with her."

At over 28 weeks pregnant, Barbour is trying not to think that the second half of her pregnancy has been robbed of new experiences.

"There will be no maternity shoot, baby shower, newborn pictures... I'm just trying to stay positive. It could be worse, this whole situation could get worse."

Barbour, 24, is thankful for the support she has gotten from her mom and her husband, Rowgan, who works in Alberta and is expected home this week.

"We'll still have to be apart even after he's home because he's going to have to go right into isolation. It's been tough in that sense because what if they cancel flights from out West before he leaves? It's nerve-wracking that something could happen and he couldn't be here."

While Barbour has been trying to limit her exposure to the continuous news of coronavirus, she's been keeping up to date as much as she can without overwhelming herself.

"It's stressful. And I know stress isn't good for the baby. I feel more anxious than I have in my entire life. (The news and social media) is in our palms all of the time. I've been trying hard not to check in on it too much."

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