03 August 2020 0 Comments Posted By : Peter Tremblay

John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Ignores Rights of Physically Disabled People

According to our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, physically disabled people are entitled to equitable treatment and to live without fear in regards to their security of person, and discrimination.  In Ontario, laws have specifically sought to affirm a duty to accommodate to physically disabled people.

However, one lawyer in Ottawa doesn't appear to appreciate the civil rights and moral obligations to physically disabled people.

On 24 March 2017, Justice Macloed implored Mr. John Summers to assure the Court that a physically disabled woman who has reportedly been abused for more than two years by her husband has not been "held prisoner" to borrow the words of this judge.

However, unfortunately, Mr. John Summers has failed to ensure the 'independent verification' of this woman's well being as sought by the Judge.

In an email reviewed by The Canadian, Mr Summers asserted that his alleged client did not want independent verification of his wife's well-being and desires.

What the heck, as long as Mr Summers is getting paid, why should he care about the welfare of this "old lady"?

If you disagree with such a mentality, consider making a donation to enable Raymond her son to further his legal efforts against lies propagated by Mr. Summers and his presiding over the failure to support the Ontario Superior Court of Justice's sought 'independent verification'.

E-mail any desire you have to donate at business@bellnet.ca.

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