From gut health to antibiotics: How do bacteria affect your life?

(Natural News) The word bacteria might conjure up images of tiny worm-like disease carriers, but while it is true that some of these tiny organisms are incredibly harmful, it is also true that many types of bacteria are not only beneficial but necessary for life. In addition to making their homes in the soil and oceans, both helpful and harmful bacteria also live in the human gut. St [...]

15 October 2019

Ahiflower oil provides a balanced ratio of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids to maintain optimal health

(Natural News) Omega fatty acids are healthy fats that can provide numerous health benefits. Since your body can’t produce these dietary fats, you need to consume a balanced ratio of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids to maintain optimal health. Fatty fish are loaded with essential fatty acids, so incorporating these healthy fats into your diet shouldn’t be too [...]

15 October 2019

Meatless doesn’t mean protein-less: Here are 21 plant-based ways to add protein to your diet

(Natural News) Protein is an essential macronutrient found throughout the body. It is the building block of organs, muscles, skin, hormones, and almost everything that matters in the body. For this reason, consuming high-quality protein is important. Many people get their protein from meat. However, diets high in red meat have been associated with a higher risk of developing certa [...]

15 October 2019

Can you add chocolate to a keto diet?

(Natural News) Chocolate is a decadent food often associated with sweet desserts and snacks. Many people love the rich taste of chocolate and the feelings of happiness and pleasure it stimulates. Although considered a superfood – dark chocolate, that is – chocolate contains lots of calories, which can make you gain weight. On the other hand, it is also a rich source of [...]

15 October 2019

Study: Anti-cancer potential of modified si jun zi, a Chinese medicine formula

(Natural News) In this study, a team of researchers from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in China studied the effects of a modified decoction of si jun zi on the metastasis of colorectal cancer cells. The results of their study were published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Si jun zi is a formula used in traditional Chinese medi [...]

15 October 2019

Doctor and Daughter Duo Combat Depression with Poetry

It’s a well-known fact that in the US and worldwide, the explosion of technology and social media-- from use of cell phones to text and talk,  to use of computers to email, shop and communicate-- are vastly changing how people, particularly the youth of society (also known as Generation Y or the Millennials) are interacting with the world around them.  It is this generati [...]

22 May 2019

Natural treatments that can ease symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse and withdrawal

(Natural News) Maybe you have finally decided to quit alcohol or drugs, but because your brain has become so dependent on these substances, you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. To help you overcome these addictions, here are some natural treatments you can try: Kudzu (Radix puerariae): Kudzu is a Chinese medicine that has been used to treat alcohol abuse and dependence for nea [...]

20 April 2019

Health freedom alert: Britain to ban everyone from privately discussing vaccine ingredients, side effects and damage to children

(Natural News) At the turn of the century, the internet became one of humanity’s greatest gifts, a source of personal freedom and power. The internet unleashed endless opportunities for communication, commerce, and information sharing. Not only did the internet decentralize news, but it offered a platform for anyone to create and speak freely. Two decades later, the internet has be [...]

20 April 2019

Vitamins that help manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia

(Natural News) Everyday vitamins and minerals take on a whole new level of importance if a person is afflicted with fibromyalgia. Increasing the daily intake of these essential substances can alleviate the pain and depression caused by this widespread medical condition. Fibromyalgia causes non-specific chronic pain throughout the musculoskeletal system. It has many other associated sym [...]

20 April 2019

Omega-3s found to benefit a person’s behavioral and cognitive processes

(Natural News) Omega-3 fatty acids are believed to play a role in many different fundamental brain processes. These essential fatty acids have been associated with proper brain development and functioning of the central nervous system. In a recent study published in the journal Food Science and Human Wellness, a team of researchers from the University of Regensburg in Germany sought to deter [...]

20 April 2019

The cytoprotective and antioxidant properties of lemongrass essential oil

(Natural News) A study published in the journal Food Science and Human Wellness reported that lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) essential oil possesses cytoprotective and antioxidant properties. Lemongrass is widely used in traditional folk medicine. The essential oil extracted from lemongrass has been reported for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential. For the s [...]

31 March 2019

Light therapy found to destroy prostate cancer in new clinical trial

(Natural News) For men, particularly those who are getting on in years, the fear of getting prostate cancer looms large. With prostate cancer being the second most common cancer for men in the United States, and with over 160,000 new diagnoses each year, their fears are certainly not groundless. Although the prognosis for men diagnosed early is good, prostate cancer still claims over 26 [...]

31 March 2019

Polysaccharide extract from reishi mushrooms found to have hypolipidemic, antioxidant, and antiapoptotic properties

(Natural News) A new study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that polysaccharide extract from reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) contains hypolipidemic, antioxidant, and antiapoptotic properties that work against obesity. In this study, a team of researchers at Hunan Agricultural University in China looked at the effect of reishi mushroom polysaccharides on obesity. T [...]

31 March 2019

Is vitamin D a key factor in breast cancer prevention?

(Natural News) The earliest known reference to cancer is found in the Edwin Smith Papyrus, written about 1,600 years before Christ. Though it is an ancient disease, there is no doubt that cancer is more prevalent now than at any other time in human history. One of the most feared forms of this disease is breast cancer, which is the most common cancer among women in the U.S., regardle [...]

31 March 2019

Plastic pollution threatens the food supply from the world’s oceans

(Natural News) In a recent study that was conducted by researchers from Lund University in Sweden, it was revealed that fish are exposed to too much plastic. It has reached such a severity that tiny  plastic particles find their way inside the fishes’ brains and negatively impact the fish’s behavioral patterns, inducing them to quit eating. Scientists also found that when ani [...]

31 March 2019

High blood pressure greatly increases risk of dementia among women in their forties, new study finds

(Natural News) A new study which was published in Neurology – the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology – revealed that women with high blood pressure in their forties have a 73 percent higher risk of dementia. Researchers at Kaiser Permanente in California followed the lives of 7,238 people from 1964 to 1973 and had their blood pressure m [...]

31 March 2019

Can the wrong food give you nightmares?

(Natural News) In the cracks between worlds, beyond the seams of our imagination, the monsters of our dreams scratch on the door of our reality. But could the key be the food we eat? This is a question scientists have long striven to answer. Decades of medical research that attempted to find a link between the food we eat and the experience of dreams (or nightmares) has led to the con [...]

31 March 2019

Vietnamese family finds great possibility in P.E.I.

Tuyet Tran envisioned - then realized - great possibility in Prince Edward Island. She came here in 2014 from Vietnam through the Provincial Nominee Program with her husband, Kien Chu, the couple’s three children and a good deal of confidence. Tran and Chu thought their children – daughters Ngan, 22, and Binh, 18, and son Thanh, 11, - would be able to get a good education in Canada [...]

21 January 2019

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