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17 drivers in 4 hours fined for not clearing snow off their cars

NEW HAMPSHIRE (WTHR) - A State Trooper in New Hampshire pulled over 21 vehicles in 4 hours and issued 19 traffic tickets. He says 17 were violators of Jessica's Law, according to a report by NBC affiliate News Center Maine.

Jessica's Law was passed in New Hampshire after Jessica Smith died in a crash caused when ice from a tractor-trailer hit a box truck that in turn hit her car.

Drivers who violate New Hampshire's law face fines of $250 to $500 for a first offense and $500 to $1,000 for subsequent offenses.

Jessica's Law is enforced only in New Hampshire. It requires drivers to clear snow and ice from the entire vehicle.

Lawmakers in neighboring Maine have discussed introducing similar legislation, but no final decision has been made. Maine law only requires clearing windshields.

All of the drivers pulled over were required to clear their vehicles of snow and ice before continuing on. He says he also arrested two people.

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