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Campaign to raise $4M for new Charlottetown library underway

A non-profit organization has launched a multimillion dollar capital campaign for Charlottetown's new library.

The $16 million project to build the Charlottetown Library Learning Centre was announced in 2019. The federal and provincial governments have already committed $12 million.

It's up to Charlottetown Library Learning Centre Inc. to come up with the remaining $4 million.

Dawn Alan, executive director of Downtown Charlottetown Inc., said a fundraising manager is in place and work is well underway to come up with the cash.

She said they already have a list of potential major donors.

"One thing about this project is that it's something that touches everybody, every aspect of life, every sector of business, and every demographic and age," said Alan, adding early supporters have already contributed $1.8 million.

"The level of interest is high and there's nobody that we present this project to who don't automatically love it and recognize the importance of it."

Alan said they are confident they'll be able to raise the full $4 million through major donors, but if not, they will turn to the general public for help.

She said libraries are important community hubs and the new 42,000-square-foot space will have an economic impact in downtown Charlottetown.

The building will include books, places to relax, a café, study spaces, community gathering spaces, recording studios, gaming labs and much more.

"There's something to engage everybody at every level at some point, and so much more than they've ever seen before [in Charlottetown]," said Alan.

"This is just going to be such a welcoming and compelling attraction."

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