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P.E.I. health inspectors issue warning letters to 10 food premise establishments

The Department of Health and Wellness issued another reminder Thursday to food premise establishments to make sure their operating licences are valid.

A total of 10 food premise locations were hit with warning letters by environmental health officers over the past month for operating without a valid food premise licence.

These licences are supposed to be renewed each spring so officials are somewhat troubled to see so many are still not complying.

“At this point it is disappointing to see that many, that we’re still finding without having renewed their licence,’’ Kelly Hughes, senior environmental health officer, said Thursday.

“It’s something that we always want to get that message out that (these establishments should) make sure they stay up to date with (their) licence renewal and do it in a timely manner.’’

The Albany Community Centre in Mount Tryon was hit with a warning letter during a routine inspection on Oct. 18 for operating without a valid food premise licence. It was also flagged for failing to submit a water sample for bacteria analysis at the required frequency.

Both issues have since been resolved.

Elm Street Elementary in Summerside and Global Wines Inc. in Summerside were also hit with warning letters over the licence issues, and both have since renewed.

Inspectors also conducted a routine inspection at Linda’s Coffee Shop and Restaurant in Charlottetown on Oct. 16 and flagged three issues, including the licence renewal.

The coffee shop establishment wasn’t following appropriate procedures for dishwashing and failed to establish and maintain a record of the dishwashing temperature readings or chemical sanitizer concentrations.

All issues were deemed satisfactory during a follow-up inspection on Oct. 23.

Environmental health officials also issued warning letters to the following food premise establishments for operating without a valid licence — Miscouche Consolidated School, O’Leary Elementary School, Somerset Elementary School in Kinkora, Tignish Elementary School, Waugh’s Quick Mart in Summerside and West Prince Video and Variety in Bloomfield.

All have since renewed their food premise licences.

Hughes also provided an update on the Unique Wok Chinese restaurant in Charlottetown.

Inspectors performed a routine inspection at the restaurant on Oct. 1 and found it to be in compliance with all aspects of the Public Health Act.

“They passed fully, so that’s good news,’’ she said.

The restaurant was closed by health inspectors for a week in August over numerous violations. Inspectors issued a health order, the most serious of the orders in a graduated level of enforcement.


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